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Make Your YouTube video post thumbnail look BIG and AWESOME on Facebook.

  • You may generate youtube to fb video directly from youtube video url
  • If you are using Smart Phone just copy youtu.be url
  • After change ".be to .ws" in the URL (YouTu.be to YouTu.ws)
  • copy the links and post url on Facebook page
  • Example URL: https://youtu.ws/FcRJVh6_yGs
  • It's get a BIG thumbnail with play button...
  • With this BiG thumbnail, you will get from 50% to 200% click rate. Enjoy!!!
  • youtu.be to facebook video big thumbnail generator
    youtube.com to fb video big thumbnail generator

    Make your youtube video posts on facebook up to 50% - 200% more efficient using YouTu.ws. More information at/about